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The 7 sister states : Specials

Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland & Tripura

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Arunachal Pradesh

For an amazing holiday, you need to go to an amazing destination. So if you are seeking to step into a world of extraordinary beauty and discover experiences found nowhere else on earth, Arunachal Pradesh is the place for you.


The land of “Blue Hills and Red River”

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A 'flower on lofty heights', 'a jewel of India' and 'Switzerland of the East'


 The Abode of Clouds & one of the richest biodiversity areas in the world.

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Evergreen hills and dense bamboo jungles


The land of the warrior 

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The 7 sister states : Specials

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has 12 tourist circuits Each tourist circuit is distinctive in character with different ethnic culture, topography and vegetation.

Monpa Culture : The Monpas are Buddhists by religion and Tawang Monastery is the fountainhead of their spiritual lives. They are by and large agriculturists and they have their own distinctive way of clothing themselves, well adapted to the conditions of their environment.

Sherdukpen Culture : The Sherdukpen tribe derives its name from Sher (Shergaon) and Tukpen (old name for Rupa) villages in western Arunachal Pradesh.  They have inhabited this mountainous region and lived in coexistence with the Monpas, and other ethnic groups

Overview of places &Point of interest

Heaven is a Myth; Arunachal Pradesh is real

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Fish angling… river rafting… Pakhui wild Sanctuary… Tipi Orchidariurm… Bhalukpong Fort… Bomdila view point… RR Hill… Aka Culture…


Pankang Teng Tso Lake – The Sparkling Beauty of Tawang

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Sela Pass

One of the highest motorable mountain passes in the World

The 7 sister states : Specials
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Where Culture Meets Nature

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Gorichen Peak


(Capital of Arunachal Pradesh) has a rich mixture of archeological sites of great historical value and built up resources and institutions of great socio-cultural significance.


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Itafort- ‘the fort of bricks’ from which the State capital derives its name, is situated in the heart of the Itanagar. The fort has an irregular shape, built mainly with bricks dating back to the 14th-15th Century of Mayapur of Ramachandra, a king of the Jitari Dynasty.

Geykar Sinyik

Geykar Sinyik (Ganga Lake) is a beautiful natural lake locally known as Geykar Sinyik surrounded by landmass of hard rock. The name Gekar Sinyi means ‘confined water’.

Jawaharlal Nehru Museum

Jawaharlal Nehru Museum has a rich collection of textiles, weaponry, household articles and handicrafts items reflecting the tribal culture and heritage of Arunachal Pradesh.


(167 km from Itanagar) is a beautiful plateau and the headquarters of Lower Subansiri District. It is one of the oldest towns in Arunachal Pradesh.

This beautiful hill station is located 1500 metres above sea level. The place has an imposing landscape of beautiful lush green forest, rivulets and elevated patches. It is famous for paddy-cum-pisciculture cultivation. The area is renowned for the terrace paddy fields where the unique system of poly-culture and water management is practiced by the local people.

Mainly inhabited by the Apatani tribe, the town wears a festive look during festivals celebrated by the Apatani peZiro

Apatani Culture

The Apatanis, one of the major ethnic groups of eastern Himalayas, have a distinct civilization with systematic land use practices and rich traditional ecological knowledge of natural resources management and conservation, acquired over the centuries through informal experimentation. The tribe is known for their colorful culture with various festivals, intricate handloom designs, skills in cane and bamboo crafts, and vibrant traditional village councils called bulyañ. This has made Ziro Valley a good example of a living cultural landscape where man and environment have harmoniously existed together in a state of interdependence even through changing times, such co-existence being nurtured by the traditional customs and spiritual belief systems.

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Apatani Culture

Talley Valley

Talley Valley Essentials :

Endangered Clouded Leopard &

Great trekking routes

Talley Valley is a wildlife sanctuary as well as a bio-diversity hotspot located at a distance of 32 kms from Ziro towards the north east. Comprising sub-tropical and alpine forests it has a variety of flora and fauna, many of which are endangered. The place offers great trekking opportunities.
Talley Valley Reserved Forest and Talle Wildlife sanctuary is situated at an elevated level with rivers like Pange, Sipu, Karing and Subansiri flowing through the Reserved Forest and Sanctuary. It is home to highly endangered species like clouded leopard. Pleioblastus simone is a bamboo variety only found in Tall Valley.

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Pasighat-Jengging-Yingkiong-Tutin circute

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary (13 km from Pasighat) is spread over a cluster of river islands. A cruise through the Siang River is the only way to reach the sanctuary. One can reach there by cruising the Siang River. The unique ecosystem of this sanctuary has made it a natural habitat for different species of birds including migratory birds like cranes, wild ducks, storks, waterfowls, etc., which come from Siberia and Mongolia from September to February every year. The sanctuary is a veritable delight to amateur and professional ornithologists.The forest islands are home to hog deer, hispid hare, and wild buffalo, Sambars, elephants and other rainforest macro and micro fauna

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Pangin… Kekar Monying… Komsing circute

River Siang and Brahmaputra are considered to be among the best rivers for rafting in the world.

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Tinsukia-Tezu -Hayuliang Circute

This circuit starts from Tinsukia in Assam to Namsai and Tezu in Lohit district and Hayuliang in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh. The entry point in Arunachal is at Dirak.

The Chong of Namsai and Manmao, Golden peace pagoda at Tengapani are major centres of Theravada.. Tezu - the Mishmi tribes.


Parasuram Kund…The Chronicle of Parashuram…Namsai…Piyong Reserve forest…Chowkham…Manabahum and Tengapani Reserve Forest…Wakro - Kamlang Reserve Forest and Kamlang Wildlife Sanctus… (adventure tourism) … Dong valley…(the tri-junction of India, China and Myanmar.

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Parasuram Kund

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Dong valley

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Margherita- Miao- Namdhapa- Vijoynagar circute

Miao…Noa-Dihing river…Lake of No return…Pangsau pass (Hell Pass) …Mini Zoo… Forest Museum…. Wildlife Library and Tibetan Refugee Camp …. World War II Cemetery…Still-well Road…Namdhapa National Park…

This circuit begins from Margherita in Assam and entry point in Arunachal is at Namchik. Miao is the sub divisional headquarters with splendid natural beauty of Noa-Dihing river and green surroundings.

Namdhapa National Park is the 15th Tiger Reserve in the country spread over 1985 It is the only National Park in the country where four of the felines i.e. tiger, leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard are found. Bison, Samber and barking deer and a variety of snakes inhabit the park. Another unique feature of this park is that the park covers a wide range of altitude from 200m to 4500m. The upper reaches remain covered with snow during the major part of the year. The Noa-Dihing River meanders through the forest fed by numerous tributaries and has a rich variety of aquatic life. The National Park is also home to a large variety of butterflies and has more than 150 timber species and some of the rare species of medicinal plants like Mishmi Teeta.

An unspoilt Eden - The 2000-sq km expanse of tropical jungle tract of Namdapha Game Sanctuary is a haven of biodiversity

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Lake of No return

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Parasuram Kund

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Dong valley

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Roing-Mayudia-Anini Circute

Essentials :

Roing… Mayudia… Bhismaknagar… Dambuk… Hot spring at Jia… Anini.

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The 7 sister states : Welcome

Roing is a picturesque town in a valley by the side of the Dibang River. The Lower Dibang Valley District is located in the eastern most part of Arunachal Pradesh. The topography varies from flat to snow peaked mountains. The district is hilly in the north and gentle to plain in the south. The district is criss crossed with numerous streams, rivers and rivulets.

Mayudia (56 km from Roing) is a unique hill resort situated at an altitude of about 8000 ft amidst lofty hills, lush green forests and breathtaking landscapes which provide a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the landscape. The place wears a tranquility of its own and the view of snow-capped mountains adds serenity to its environment. The ascending drive from Roing to Mayudia along the winding twelve-necked point (Baro Golai) of the road provides a sense of adventure as well as close encounter with nature.

Bhismaknagar (30 km from Roing) is the oldest archaeological and mythological site in Arunachal Pradesh, dates back to 12th century A.D. The fort was excavated during 1969-1973 which yielded terracotta plaques, decorative tiles, potteries, terracotta figurines etc. Popular legends and traditions identify the ruins of the fort as the site of the capital of Raja Bhismaka, father of Rumini (wife of Lord Krishna).

Dambuk Stone rampart historical site

It is a historical monument where the Adis made a blockade for stopping the British army from entering their territory in 1894. The monument is prove of the valor and bravery of the Adis.

Hot spring at Jia a few kilometers from the headquarter is this beautiful natural hot spring.

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Still-well Road

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Tezpur-Seijosa-Bhalukpong Circute

This circuit takes one to the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary one of the largest sanctuaries of Arunachal Pradesh located in the East Kameng district with Forest Divisional headquarter at Seijosa. Seijosa is a small but beautiful Sub - Divisional Administrative Headquarter located on the banks of Pakhui (Pakke) river. The wildlife sanctuary spreads over an area of 861.95 sq. km and has been declared as a Project Tiger Reserve (Pakke Tiger Reserve). Some of the major wildlife species found in the sanctuaries are tiger, elephant, gaur, sambar, barking deer, leopard, hornbill


Tezpur…Seijosa…Bhalukpong… Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary… Pakke Tiger Reserve… Ancient archeological ruins at Bhalukpung.

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The 7 sister states : Specials
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Dambuk - Orange plantation

 Ziro-Palin-Nyapin-Sangram-Koloriang Circute

Palin & Nyapin  are beautiful hill stations worth visiting for enjoying high mountains and colourful tradition and culture of the Nyishi community of Kurung Kumey District.

Koloriang The headquarters of Kurung Kumey district is another picturesque hill station. Here too one can enjoy the colourful culture of the Nyishi community.

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Nyishi Culture

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Palin & Nyapin  

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The Dhola–Sadiya Bridge, the longest over water bridge of India.


Assam  - the gateway to North-East India as it is strategically located in the northeast of India. The state is bordered in the North and East by Arunachal Pradesh, while Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram lie towards the South. Meghalaya lies to the South-West of the state.

The North East India Golden Triangle Tour offers a trip to the most captivating destinations in the country



Assam has been divided into six interesting circuits. Circuit:1,Circuit:2,Circuit:3,Circuit:4,

Circuit:5 & Circuit:6

Each circuit is unique passing through different terrains giving one a unique experience.

Assam is a mosaic of various cultures and religions. From pilgrimages, to wildlife safaris, to cruises on the mighty Brahmaputra, to visiting the vast tea gardens or Asia's oldest refinery, Assam has much to offer.


09 Nights / 10 Days


Arrive at Guwahati Airport/ Station. Receive and transfer to hotel. After refreshing visit the Assam State Museum, the Assam Emporium and river cruise on the mighty river Brahmaputra. Halt at Guwahati. 

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Proceed to Kaziranga National Park (240 kms / 04 hrs) - a World Heritage Site and also a Tiger reserve and home to more than 80% of the world's population of the Great One Horned Rhinoceros. It has a significant population of Asian Elephant and Water Buffalo and a wide variety of fauna and avifauna - a unique habitat of mainly grasslands, close tangled and thorny rattan cane, Elephant grass and tall trees of evergreen forest and numerous water bodies. More than 550 species of birds both resident and migratory are found here. In the afternoon avail a jeep safari at Agoratoli range. Over night halt at Kaziranga.


Early morning Elephant ride in the Central range. After breakfast proceed to Tezpur and visit Agnigarh; the place, which is closely linked with the legendary love story of Usha and Anirudha. From the top of hill, one can catch a glimpse of the whole surrounding area around the hill. Among other attractions are the mesmerizing waterfalls and luxuriously grown rows of mushrooms, Bamuni hills; renowned for holding the great attraction for the tourist in forms of sculptural ruins linked with 9th and 10th centuries of Gupta period. They reflect the style of Gupta art of architecture, Cole Park; also known as the Chitralekha Udyan which is situated in centre of the town. The park has in its basket a number of attractions in form of a beautiful lake shaped like a horse shoe, a slew of natural walkways, a couple of well bejeweled pillars of Bamuni hills. After lunch proceed to Nameri National Park. Halt at Eco –Camp.

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The 7 sister states : Specials

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After early breakfast proceed to Nameri National Park( Trekking) at 05:00a.m. The park is the second Tiger reserve of Assam. The park consists of deciduous forests, hills and the river Jia Bhoroli flows through it. The rich wildlife park includes Tiger, Black bear, Elephant, Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Indian Bison, Pangolin, Indian Wild Dog, Deer, Civet Cat, Capped Langur, Jackals etc. Various species of birds such as the endangered White Winged Wood Duck, four species of Hornbill, Butterflies and Reptiles are also found here. After lunch enjoy river rafting in Jia Bhoreli. Halt in the Eco Camp

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After breakfast drive to Dirang (180 kms / 06 hrs)- the land of Monpa tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Enroute visit Tippi Orchid Centre and Sessa Orchid Sanctuary. Over night halt at Dirang.


After breakfast proceed to Tawang (141 kms / 07 hrs). On the way experience the beauty of Sella Lake in Sella Pass (13746ft), Jaswantgarh - located 16kms from Sella Pass is a memorial to the brave soldier who single handedly tried to get hold of the approaching Chinese army during the Chinese aggression in 1962. On reaching Tawang one can see the Great Tawang Monestry from a great distance. Evening explore Tawang town.

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Explore Tawang - Tawang Monastery, Unni-Gompa (Women Monastery), Urrigilling (the birth place of 6th Dalai Lama) and scenic drive to PTsho Lake which is close to the Chinese b


 Drive backward to Bomdila (170kms/7hrs) overnight halt at Bomdila

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After breakfast visit Buddhist temple, craft centre, museum. After lunch drive to Tezpur (200 kms / 06 hrs) . Overnight halt at Tezpur.

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After breakfast, drive to Guwahati (190kms/ 4.5 hrs) - gateway to the North East India, situated on the south bank of the mighty Brahmaputra, enroute the amusement park at Kaliabhomra and NE Tribal Museum at Nazirakhat. After lunch drop at airport/ station.


End of the tour

The 7 sister states : Specials


Point Of Attractions

Senapati,Andro,Imphal hongjom,Ukhrul ,Chandel,Thoubal,Tamenglongl,Churachandpur,Kakching ,

,Dzukou Valley,Leimaram Waterfalls,Bishnupur.

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Dzukou Valley



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The 7 sister states : Specials


Meghalaya is known for a variety of things-to-do that will fill up your soul, leaving you asking for more !

Hilly Meghalaya - the 'abode of clouds' - is a cool, pine-fresh mountain state set on dramatic horseshoe formation of rocky cliffs, deep gorges and valleys. Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram are among the wettest places in the world; the heavy rainfall has created the region's key natural attractions - its plethora of waterfalls, caves and unique Living Root Bridges. Meghalaya recently got its name etched permanently in geological history

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City in Meghalaya

Shillong is a hill station in northeast India and capital of the state of Meghalaya. It’s known for the manicured gardens at Lady Hydari Park. Nearby, Ward’s Lake is surrounded by walking trails. North, the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures features displays on the region’s native people. Waterfalls include the Elephant Falls to the southwest. East of here, forested Shillong Peak offers city views.
Located on the Shillong plateau about 55 km southwest of Shillong, Cherrapunji and Mausynram (another village nearby) are reputed to be the wettest places in the world. The heavy rains here often swell the waters of the Nohsngithiang waterfall. The town is famous for its limestone caves and orange honey.

Cherry Blossom in Shillong

Enjoy walking under the fairy tale like beautiful pink tress in the day and have a fine dining experience under the lit cherry blossom trees under the night sky at Ward’s Lake.

It does not end here; the festival also allows you to participate in bicycle rallies, taekwondo demonstrations and storytelling sessions. If you are photographer, then get ready to click some of the best photographs you’ve ever clicked until now as the festival also has a cherry blossom photography competition as a part of it. You never know, you can be one of the prize winning photographers there!

Get ready to enrich your travel experience with the cherry blossom festival in Shillong, get close to the beautiful and rich Meghalayan

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Arwah Cave, Sohra

Meghalaya leaves traveler with mystic nature and adventurous atmosphere which perhaps become much thrilling to travel around. Meghalaya is stretched with greenery and caves and mountains which perhaps give enthralling sight.

At a distance of 3.5 km from Cherrapunji Bus Stand, Arwah Cave is a huge cave located at Khliehshnong area of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. Known for its limestone formations and the fossils.

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Krem Lait Prah, Jaintia Hills

It is the longest natural cave in India. Liat Prah is one of approximately 150 known caves in the Shnongrim Ridge of the Jaintia Hills district in the state of Meghalaya, northeast India.

m 9.jpg
m 10.jpg

Siju Cave

132 kms from Tura, Siju is famous for Dobakkol or the bat cave with impressive stalagmites and stalagtites. It is one of the longest cave in the Indian Sub-continent and contains some of the finest river passages to be found any where in the world.

Kotsati Umlawan Cave

The entrance of Krem Kotsati is located in the centre of Lumshnong village itself. It is used as a washing place by the villagers. One needs to swim to enter the cave.

m 11.jpg

Eco - Tourism

Eco-Tourism in Meghalaya speaks volumes of the state's tryst with nature and provides food for soul.

We’re committed to providing our clients with the guidance and planning to create the perfect trip. Check out our custom options below and feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

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Landscape, Khasi Hills

Khasi Hills is perhaps best known for Sohra (Cherrapunjee), geographically famous for being the wettest place on earth and also Shillong, one of the most beautiful hill stations in India.

Mawphlang Sacred Grove

One of the most remarkable features of the Khasi Hills are the sacred forests, which have been preserved by traditional religious sanction, since the ancient days.

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Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Lakes & Rivers

Cyrstal Clear lakes and rivers depict the beauty and purity of this region.

m 18.jpeg

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake (commonly known as Barapani Lake) is a reservoir in the hills 15 km (9.3 mi) north of Shillong in the state of Meghalaya, India. It was created by damming the Umiam River in the early 1960s. The principal catchment area of the lake and dam is spread over 220 square km.


Umngot River,Dawki

Where else can you walk through a network of caves traverse bridges made from tree roots, peep down at near transparent rivers, and witness an outstanding play of rain-clouds that feed hundreds of waterfalls.

Shnongpdeng Village is located in Jaintia Hill district near Dawki in the state of Meghalaya, India. Umgot river is passes by the village which makes it attractive place to visit. The water of the river is absolutely crystal clear & one can easily see the bottom of the river.

m 20.jpg

Ward's Lake

One of the most popular attractions of Shillong,This lake is a must-visit place when in this pristine north-eastern city this artificial water body is encircled by an extensive lush garden and lies in the middle of the city.

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Cherrapunji new name is Sohra. It is no longer called Cherrapunji. The wettest place on Planet earth is now Sohra.

m 1.jpg

The  living root bridges

m 2.jpg

The Rainy Drip.....


Mawkdok Dympep Valley View Point

The 7 sister states : Resources

Water falls

Top 9 Most Beautiful and Highest Waterfalls of Meghalaya

  • Nohkalikai Falls -335 metres (1,120 ft) 

  • Nohsngithiang Falls -315 metres (1,033 ft)

  • Langshiang Falls -337 metres (1,106 ft) 

  • Kynrem Falls -305 metres (1,001 ft) 

  • Bishop Falls -135 metres (443 ft) 

  • Beadon Falls -135 metres (443 ft) 

  • Elephant Falls. eet Falls -96 metres (315 ft)

  • Sweet Falls -96 metres (315 ft)

  • Dainthlen Falls

m 4.jpg
m 9.jpg
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Mawlynnong/Mawlynnong Village

Around 100km from Shillong there is a magical paradise – Mawlynnong – a small village which won the status of being the cleanest village (2003), not just in India, but in Asia.

m 10.jpg
m 11.jpg
m 12.jpg
m 15.jpg

Selbagre Hoolock Gibbon Reserve

m 16.jpg

Nokrek National Park


Sitting pretty between the country of Bangladesh and Myanmar, Mizoram is the fifth smallest state of India that is rich in its history and culture. The state has been marked by the evergreen ranges of the Mizoram hills that showcase stunningness of nature’s beauty. The steep terrains, rivers, caves and peaks are perfect to spend some soul-enriching time. Though Mizoram sadly doesn’t make it to many tourists travel bucket list due to lack of information. So, let’s go throught the following famous places to visit in Mizoram that will certainly make a place not only in your travel bucket list but we are sure that also your heart.

Point Of attractions :

Aizawl, Sercchip, Lunglei, Champhai, Mamit, Saiha, Kolasib, Reiek, Vantawng Waterfalls, Hmuifang, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Tamdil (Tam Lake), Falkawn Village, Phawngpui, Phawngpui National Park, Murleng National Park.

m 1.jpg


Solomon's Temple

m 4.jpg

Dampa Tiger Reserve

m 5.jpg

Phawngpui National Park


With a whopping number of different tribes and the cultural diversity that they bring, there is little wonder in the fact that Nagaland is famous as the 'Land of Festivals'. With each tribe practising its own rituals and traditions, Nagaland is a state that has one major festival lined up for all months of a year.

Point Of Attractions :

Dimapur, Kohima, Mokokchung, Mon, Wokha, Mount Pauna, Dzukou Valley, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary, Triple Falls, Phek, Rangapahar Reserve Forest.

n 1.jpg



Point of attractions : 

Agartala - Ujjayanta Palace, Umamaheshwar Temple, Puratan Agartala, Jagannath Temple,Jampui Hills - orange plantations,Udaipur Tripura- Sundari Temple,Tepania Eco-Park, Gunabati Group of Temples,Neer Mahal , Rudrasagar Lake, Unakoti waterfalls , rock carvings

m 6.jpg


Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary

n 5.jpg
t 1.jpg

Agartala - Ujjayanta Palace

t 2.jpg

 Uma maheshwar Temple

t 3.jpg

Jampui Hills - orange plantations

t 4.jpg

Jampui Hills

t 6.jpg

Gunabati Group of Temples

t 7.jpg

Neer Mahal

t 8.jpg

Unakoti  rock carvings

t 10.jpg

Udaipur Tripura

Rudrasagar Lake

t 9.jpg
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