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I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.


 A lifelong Memories To Be Made With Friends


Benefits of school trips

Educational trips can be used to support all kinds of subjects; History, Geography, Science and Languages are the most popular

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Children in Indoor Playground

Primary School

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”

Bored Boy

Secondary School

Christone Secondary School Programs put students at the very heart of new cultures, encouraging them to cultivate their areas of interest and develop their talents. Up close and personal educational experiences within India and abroad that bring learning to life and last a lifetime. Once students are immersed in the language, culture and community of a region, they emerge as…

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Outdoor Study Group

College Educational Tour

Primary School Trip


Primary School Day Trip

Explore historic buildings & museums,, and various places of educational interest 

Primary School Day Trip

 Explore farming and wildlife, furthering their knowledge on the environment and the countryside.

Primary School Day Trip

you are looking for an end of term reward visit or lessons before your schools Swimming

SecondarySchool Trip

Kerala & karnataka

The wild

 Explore farming and wildlife, furthering their knowledge on the environment and the countryside.

Your Adventure

Outdoor pursuits and adventure activities. Pupils will enjoy enchanting story telling activities and hands on arts and crafts all interlinked with the national curriculum.


Outdoor Activity Centre provides adventurous outdoor school trips, where students have the opportunity to develop essential life skills, such as confidence, teamwork, leadership and communication

Sports Experences

 Fun outdoor sport activity for your group to experience which provides a physical and mental team working challenge.


College Educational Tour

The various educational tours provided by India include cultural and historical tours, pilgrimage and spiritual tours, temple tours, birding and wildlife tours etc. This is not all, as the tours can be tailor made and customized in accordance to preference of any institution for covering various interests and needs of the group.

India is the perfect Educational tour destination since it has a lot to offer to all the young visitors in the form of its geographical and cultural diversities.

Taj Mahal Agra tour and the tour to Delhi - Both the locations feature strong imprints of culture and history which are quite evident in the present times as well.

 Wildlife researchers’ student group can enjoy an Education tour to Jim Corbett National Park where they can enjoy the sight of wildlife from close quarters

Rajasthan for exploring its colorful culture, history, forts, and palaces.

Goa for its pristine beaches.

Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh to get an insight of the tribal lifestyle.

What Makes Kerala Unique?

National Geographic Traveler identifies Kerala as one of the 50 must see destinations of a lifetime. It also tagged Kerala as one of the 10 paradises of the World.

 Hiking & Trekking at wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries.

Visit to waterfalls, dams and fantasy parks

Tours to cover exotic beaches, archaeological & historical sites, palaces & forts

Historical Monuments of Kerala glorifies the rich cultural and historical background of Kerala the "God's Own Country"

Kerala has a very rich and ancient history which have been visited by many foreign countries since centuries ago and which have influenced the cultural and architecture style of the state. Kerala is a treasure trove of architectural monuments which displays the rich historical exhibits and architectural treasures of the state. The massive forts, palaces converted to museums once under the reign sprawling powers and kingdoms stand silently as an acknowledgment of the past glory of Kerala State.

Jewish Synagogue also called as Cochin Paradesi Synagogue or the Mattancherry Synagogue this Synagogue is the oldest Kerala State which was built in 1568. It houses the 10th-century copper plates of privileges given to Joseph Rabban, the earliest known Cochin Jew.

St. Francis Church Cochin

Built in 1503 St. Francis Church located in Cochin city of Kerala is a is the oldest European church in Cochin Kerala has a great historical significance. The church is under Archaeological Survey of India

Bolgatty Palace

Bolgatty Palace was built by Dutch is the oldest Dutch Palaces outside the Holland built in 1744 in Kochi City of Kerala. Now the palace is converted to heritage hotel for tourists which consist of swimming pool, 9-hole golf course, ayurvedic centre and daily Kathakali performances.

Hill Palace Museum

Hill Palace Museum located in Tripunithura, Kochi is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala built in 1865 and comprises of 49 buildings in the traditional architectural style sprawling over an area of 56 acres of land. and showcases paintings, sculptures in stone and marble, weapons, inscriptions, coins etc.


Kerala Folklore Museum

Kerala folklore museum is a cultural hub to promote and preserve the culture and heritage of South India.

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Kerala - Kochi

Strings Museum - Museum of Music Instruments

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Kerala - Kochi

Indo-Portuguese Museum

The Portuguese left an indelible mark on our history and culture. The Indo-Portuguese Museum situated in Fort Kochi tries to encapsulate this bond. 

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Kerala _ Kochi

Mattancherry Palace

One of the most exceptional examples of south Indian architecture.

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Kerala - Kochi

Indian Naval Maritime Museum

Museum examining the naval history of India, with warship models, artillery & uniforms on display.

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Kerala - Kochi

National Marine Biodiversity Museum

Sizable collection of preserved, aquatic species including algae, fish, crustaceans & more.

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Kerala - kochi

Maritime Heritage Museum

A unique Museum depicting Maritime Heritage of Cochin, evolution of Willingdon Island, rare photographs and old maritime equipments are on display.

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Kerala - kochi

 Sakthan Thampuran Museum

The museum features old coins, sculptures, oil paintings, Mughal paintings and Royal artifacts belonging to the 19th century.

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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

SecondarySchool Trip
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