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[09/23/2019] Anneau MULTi: Le Seigneur des Anneaux, Les trois Anneaux MULTi. Anneau [Version Longue] MULTi [BluRay 720p] [MULTI] Download.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to a system for reducing the number of radiant heat sources in an electronic switching system, and more specifically to a system for reducing the number of radiant heat sources in a modular electronic switching system. 2. Description of Related Art High voltage modular electronic switching systems are frequently employed in power distribution systems. These systems require large numbers of transformers, rectifiers, power factor correction modules, and relay banks to form a network of transformers. The performance of the network is very important to the cost and efficiency of the system. In such a system, it is common to heat the components by means of radiant heat sources. It is important that the sources be positioned away from the transformer modules in order to reduce any associated cost and maintenance problems. In a conventional system, the heat sources are located on a base of the system that can be used as a support for the module. The system includes a controller, which is usually located in a high voltage cabinet. A conduit system conducts the current from the controller to the module. The conduit system, in turn, provides a power distribution system of transformers and/or rectifiers. A typical base may contain six to eight rows of heat sources, and each row contains thirty to forty heat sources. A typical row contains ten heat sources. The problem is that the base occupies a large amount of space. For example, a single base of this type, may be 16 feet long and 10 feet wide. The base typically takes up 60 percent of the space in a modular electronic switching system. Many efforts have been made to reduce the base size. The base may be made with a modular structure of casted metal with a base on one end, and ends on the other end. It is important to keep the heat sources in an optimum distance to the other components, and to maintain a sufficient distance between any heat source and the transformer coil, which may have a voltage as high as 10,000 volts. However, although reducing the size of the base may reduce the total size of the base, it does not reduce the number of heat sources and still requires space for those heat sources. Also, there is a difficulty in heat sinking the heat sources to



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