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It combines the author's unparalleled clinical experience with the best and most effective teaching methods. The English File Third Edition Teacher's Book is an extremely useful resource for any teacher of English, either in the primary or secondary school, and any native or non-native speaker. This teacher's book is divided into units of lessons in teaching English as a Foreign Language. Each lesson is introduced with a short outline of the topics to be covered, followed by a step-by-step walk-through of how to teach each lesson. Each unit is further subdivided into specific tasks that are broken down into small steps, giving the reader an easy-to-follow guide to each lesson. The book takes the reader through the basic ingredients of effective language teaching and shows how the best language teaching resources complement and enrich each other. A well-written and informative book, it features relevant examples and exercises for each lesson, accessible to teachers of all abilities. Table of Contents Part I: Guide to Unit 1: The Student and Learning English 1.1 The Student - Meet the English File Third Edition Teacher's Book. 1.2 The Teacher - A Teacher's Guide to Unit 1. Part II: Using Resources to Teach Unit 1 2.1 Introducing Resources. 2.2 Introduction to the Phonetics and Phonology Lesson. 2.3 Introducing the Phonetics and Phonology Lesson. Part III: Teaching Unit 1 3.1 Beginning Lessons. 3.2 Spelling Lessons. 3.3 Readings and Grammar. Part IV: Teaching Unit 2: The Student and Language Learning 4.1 Introducing Resources. 4.2 Introduction to the Grammar and Writing Lesson. 4.3 Introducing the Grammar and Writing Lesson. Part V: Teaching Unit 2 5.1 Beginning Lessons. 5.2 Spelling Lessons. 5.3 Readings and Grammar. Part VI: Teaching Unit 3: English as a Living Language 6.1 Introducing Resources. 6.2 Introduction to the Grammar and Writing Lesson. 6.3 Introducing the Grammar and Writing Lesson. Part VII: Teaching Unit 3 7.1 Beginning Lessons. 7.2 Spelling Lessons. 7.3 Readings and Grammar. Part VIII: Teaching Unit 4: T



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