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ABS plastic

ABS magnet pen are great tools for attracting attention to your brand. These pens feature an ABS plastic barrel, chrome accented findings, and a convenient pocket clip. They can be customized with your company's logo and name. They also have a space for a custom quantity. These pens are an excellent promotional tool for your business, trade show booth, or other event.

The ABS plastic of a magnet pen is strong enough to resist water and other forms of corrosion. It also dries fast, so there are fewer smears when writing. Unlike traditional markers, ABS plastic pens can be easily refillable. This reduces waste and can help you reduce your environmental impact, as they can produce 60% less waste than a conventional disposable coloring pen.


MAGNETIPS Gel Pens are a revolutionary set of pens that feature powerful Neodymium Magnets that will change the way you draw and color. They have two super strong magnets that can lift up to 10 times their own weight, allowing you to create amazingly detailed drawings. These pens also have 0.7 mm stainless steel Rollerball tips to create a smooth writing experience.