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For the love of travel : Welcome

Willingness to Learn New Things

 I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.



Learning Objective: 

Strengthening students cooperation skill & problem solving skills | increasing students’ self-esteem and confidence | Fostering trust between students | stretching students’ understanding of their personal limitations.

Feel The Rush on India’s Longest High Rope

 Tour Activities:  Zip line | Low Ropes (8 Activity) | Enchanting Swimming Pool | Open Rain Dance with Music (20min) | Sand Football / Sand Volleyball | Outbound Games, Team Olympic games |

Resort at Kolar

Baby Monkey

Learning Objective: 

Sensitizing students about the animals and their habitats, Field trip to enhance students learning experience to improve their interpersonal and social skills, it improves their communication skills as they interact with their peers at a personal level.

 Tour Highlights:

A Field trip to Bannergatta national park students can see numerous animals like tigers, lions, bears, elephants, porcupines, tortoise, white tigers, leopards, snakes etc.

The concepts that had been learning in class with real-life experiences gathered at the Zoo.


Indoor & outdoor Games
 Indoor: Billiards, Table Tennis, chess, Carom
 Outdoor: Lawn Tennis, Shuttle badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket,
Tug of war.

Amusement Park: Includes Water World, Indoor & Outdoor Games

WATER WORLD: For Adults & children below 4 feet not allowed
(Operational timing till 17.30 Hrs only). Includes Water Rides like Wave Pool,
Slides, Lazy River, and Inter Active Pool for Children & Open Jacuzzi.


Christone" HOLIDAYS"


Welcome to, the home of transformative educational tours. Our tours are designed to empower students by immersing them in new cultures, exposing them to different ways of thinking, and providing them with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Our experienced and friendly tour leaders work tirelessly to provide students with a supportive and eye-opening experience, fostering personal growth and the development of key skills such as confidence, public speaking, and communication. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help your students achieve their full potential.



School tours programs to our farm life.  We offer children the opportunity to come and visit our working farm, to play, learn and grow with our exciting new program.  Come and spend a morning or an afternoon at the Farm to discover the importance of farming in our community, to learn about cows, sheep, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, geese, chicken , turkeys, guinea fowls, pigeons, growing vegetables and fruit, and of course the natural world around them.  Visiting our farm allows children to experience the wonder of planting and growing food.  Our programs are interactive activities that emphasize all 5 senses while learning through experience.

 THE SENIOR PROGRAM FOR GRADE 3 TO GRADE 8 STUDENTS: It was felt that the youngsters had a lot of energy which needed to be channelized in a fun and interesting way, so we came up with a few adventure activities along with our farm concept to make things interesting.

JUNIOR SCHOOL activities : what a wonderful season it is beginning to be!!! Little kids have an amazing day at the farm, interacting with animals, feeding the birds, playing games and farm related activities, pony rides, gardening, and a whole lot of other things.

Experience the world with and take part in educational trips that offer a hands-on approach to learning. Our farm tours provide students with a unique opportunity to understand the process of farming and how it relates to the food they eat. Our educational trips are not just about academic learning; they promote social and emotional development as well.


At, we specialize in providing experiential educational tours that are both fun and informative. Our tours are designed to be educational, yet approachable, giving students the opportunity to explore new places and cultures, and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. We believe that travel is the best way to broaden horizons, and our tours are structured to ensure that students get the most out of their experience.


Effective learning from real-world experience

The education sector has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent years, with a greater emphasis on practical learning opportunities. As one of the leading providers of educational tours, is committed to providing students with unique, hands-on experiences that foster their curiosity and expand their knowledge. Our tours cover a wide range of subjects, including history, science, and culture, and are led by knowledgeable and experienced guides. Give your students the extra edge they need to succeed by booking an educational tour with us today.



The resort consists of a giant wave pool , a big swimming pool with 6 water slides and rain dance . And also some dry game for adults and kids. 


Kaadgal Resort

Ref: Rsb/ch8

Shilhaandara Resort
Ref: Rsb/ch9

A day full of adventure 


The need for students to excel in critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, decision making, collaboration, and communication has taken learning out of classroom walls.

Discover the charm of an Indian village-style resort at Swarnabhoomi Resort, nestled amidst lush green surroundings. This property offers a variety of indoor and outdoor games that will keep you entertained all day long. 


The experiential and learning educational trips not only build positive relationships with the community but also connect students’ experiences to academic subjects.

Ready for an adventure that’s not only fun but educational too? offers a range of educational tours that are perfect for students or anyone looking to learn while they travel. And if you want to plan a day out or check out more resorts, just ask us! We’re happy to help you create an unforgettable experience.


We have the know-how you need.

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