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If you're eager to learn more about this culturally rich region, this unique tour of Kerala is an absolute must


Your journey through the countryside to Vaikom village, which includes a thrilling drive past the Vaikom Temple, the oldest temple in Kerala which boasts impressive white stone pillars. Visit coir carpet weaving center. Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconuts, and here you will be able to observe the process of turning these fibers into colorful carpets, without the help of any modern machinery. Your next visit to Khadi weaving center, to watch the artisans work,Khadi is a handspun, and handwoven cloth made from cotton, silk or wool. The light-weight material is very popular in this hot climate because air can pass through easily. View the ladies weaving coir ropes from dried coconut husks, see straw mats being woven out of wild pineapple leaves and watch the local potter create a range of pots and vases, depicting ethnic designs in clay. Here, you will also get a chance to visit a Coconut Oil Mill to see dried coconut, being crushed to extract Coconut Oil.Explore the village , by boat (small hand-punted canoe) and on foot. final visit to ( optional)Aqua Tourism Center




Your tour includes a visit to the Dutch Palace (closed on Friday). The glory of the Palace lies in the murals which are in the traditions of Hindu Temple Art. Next, we will visit the Jewish Synagogue (closed on Friday afternoon & Saturday). Built-in 1568 A.D, it includes the Great Scrolls of the Old Testament and a number of copper plates inscribed in the Hebrew Script, and are still preserved in the Synagogue. Our next stop is the Dutch cemetery, constructed in the year 1724. the Indo-Portuguese museum located in the garden of Bishop’s house is the best place to gain insights into the Portuguese culture. Our next visit is the St Francis Church built by the Portuguese in 1510 A.D. and the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, constructed by the Portuguese during the year 1505.  next visit the fort kochi beach view and chinese fishing nets . the end of your tour.



A visit to the Palace of former Maharajah of Kochi


Your tour starts with a visit to the former Maharajah of Kochi’ Hill Palace & Kerala Folklore Museum and Theater. Afterward, we will drive over to Fort Cochin to begin a historical tour of Old Cochin. We start with a visit to the Dutch Palace (closed on Friday) followed by the Jewish synagogue (closed on Friday afternoon & Saturday). Afterward, we will visit the Dutch Cemetery which was constructed in the year 1724. The Indo-Portuguese museum located in the garden of Bishop’s house is the best place to gain insights into the Portuguese culture and India’s first Catholic community. The next stop on your tour will be a visit to St Francis Church. Built by the Portuguese in 1510 A.D. the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica was constructed by the Portuguese during the year 1505, End your tour with visiting fort kochi Beach view and Chinese fishing net.





Your tour starts with a visit to the Chennamangalam & Paravur Synagogues. These are the old synagogues of the Malabar Jews. Near the Chennamangalam synagogue is also the first Christian Seminary and the first printing press used in India. Next, we will visit the Kottakavu Church. This is a church of the Syrian Christian community of Kerala, believed to be one of the seven original churches established by the Apostle St. Thomas. Our next stop is the Paliam Palace and Museum. The residence of the Paliath Achan was home to the prime ministers of the Rajas of the State of Kochi. We will then head over to Pattanam, a small archaeological site which contains artifacts which were traded between the Muziris and the rest of the world. Afterward, enjoy a drive to the Handloom Weaving factory, a traditional cotton weaving village. Here you will learn how fabrics are traditionally woven and there is time for shopping. next visit to the Kodungalloor Bhagavathi Temple before returning.Our final stop is to enjoy a backwater cruise by traditional safari boat down the river for an hour.



“Practice of the arts of the battlefield"


Kalaripayattu is considered one of the oldest martial art forms in the world. The word roughly translates to “practice of the arts of the battlefield". This private one-hour session in Kochi will introduce you to Kalaripayattu, one of the most popular martial arts in Kerala. Visit Kalari a traditional training space for kalaripayattu, a martial art of Kerala. The word “kalari” means “threshing floor” or “battlefield” in Malayalam The demonstration will have 4-6 moving through flexible movements impressive jumps and steps this session will display 27 weapons and explanation about each one, Later you will drive to Fortcochin & Mattancherry for Cochin Heritage tour. Your tour comprises of visit to the Dutch Palace (closed on Friday). It was built by the Portuguese, and presented to the Raja of Cochin in 1555. Though built by the Portuguese, it is popularly known as the ‘Dutch Palace’, as the Dutch renovated it during their brief reign here. The glory of the Palace lies in the murals which are in the traditions of Hindu Temple Art. You will continue with a visit to the Jewish synagogue (closed on Friday noon & Saturday). Built in 1568 A.D, it includes The Great Scrolls of Old Testament and a number of copper plates inscribed in the Hebrew Script, and are still preserved in the Synagogue. This Jewish Synagogue in Kochi stands out as a testimony for the communal harmony. The next stop on your tour will be a visit to St Francis Church. Built by the Portuguese in 1510 A.D, it is believed to be the oldest European Church built in India. Vasco-da-Gama was buried here, and fourteen years later, his mortal remains were taken to Portugal. You will have the opportunity to also see the Chinese fishing nets at fort kochi, and the mechanical. Enjoy a 1 hour boat cruise before returning.



A model rural village


After a scenic drive to Kumbalangi  a model rural village gives an insight into the rural life of Kerala . Kumbalangi is separated from the waters by mangroves and has numerous Chinese fishing nets encircling it. You will begin your tour from a private farmhouse where you will be welcomed with refreshing tender coconut water, followed by a cruise on country canoe through the scenic backwater ways, you will stroll through some of the native village activities like de husking of coconuts, seasoning and making it to coir yarns,  crab farming, toddy tappers, fishermen, Pottery making, Beedi- Local cigarette making, Broom making, Clam meat processing, visit Agriculture farm and see the varieties of coconut, betel nuts, pepper, jack fruit, nut meg etc. coir making units and much more. Learn how local villagers going about their day to day life  catching crabs and fish, preparing coconut milk punch, processing shellfish and coconut fibers, weaving rugs and ola madayal (special coconut leaves woven to create a roof covering), and making fishing nets . Visit crab farm and learn techniques of Crab catching, you will be introduced to the traditional way of coir yarn making, You will then witness weaving of Palm leaves  Followed by lip smacking lunch. Such an exciting day would not be complete without a Kolkali performance, a traditional dance in which the dancers move in a circle




After a scenic drive to Athirampally  we will transfer you to AYURSOUKHYAM wellness Centre for your Ayurveda experience.  Ayurveda is the traditional, ancient Indian system of health science. Its name literally means, "life knowledge." The Ayurvedic method of holistic healthcare emphasizes balancing the body, mind, and spirit to treat and prevent disease. This 5,000-year-old practice focuses on harmonizing the body with nature through diet, herbal remedies, yoga and meditation, exercise, lifestyle, and body cleansing. Here we have designed a comprehensive programme as an introduction to Ayurveda & Holistic living   “Swastha an Ayurveda experience programme is a unique programme designed to have experience of Kerala authentic Ayurveda science. The programme consists of visit to Certified Ayurveda village in Athirappilly famed after the beautiful waterfalls. Programme is hosted by one of the reputed Ayurveda wellness Centre and programme starts with Herbal welcome drink, short talks on Ayurveda, short Ayurvedic treatments, interactive sessions with Ayurvedic doctors, Ayurvedic cooking etc.The programme is a unique programme which help to understand and experience Ayurveda in short span of time. Your Ayurvedic experience will include special herbal drink on arrival,   room for refreshments, short Ayurveda treatments like head massage / Leg massage, Interaction with Ayurveda physician and free personal consultation upon request ,One Ayurveda cooking class showcasing 02 dishes (01 herbal tea and 01 herbal juice),One Ayurveda medicine preparation session (showcasing 01 Ayurveda medicine accordingly)  Interaction class of about concepts of Ayurveda and yoga for by Ayurveda physician, Pranayama breathing exercise demonstration, Traditional Kerala sadhya served in plantain leaf, before departing to Cochin port ( If time permits) enjoy a walk to the famous Athirappilly waterfalls.



Known as "Venice of the East"


After a scenic drive to Alleppey, Popularly known as Venice of the East, famous for its beautiful backwaters and Houseboats.  Enjoy a day excursion to Alleppey with cruise in a private kettuvallam (traditional houseboat), Alleppey, popularly known as Venice of the East with network of canals Kerala's network of navigable backwaters stretches to cover a thousand kilometers. On the way to Allepey you will stop to visit a Coir factory, where you will see the manufacturing of different coir products and their export worldwide. Such products include coir mats, rubber mats, rugs & carpets, and other textiles pass green villages and see rural life in Kerala. Houseboat cruise on the beautiful backwaters These serene waterways are fringed by palm grove and paddy fields and offer a striking spectacle of rustic life. The backwaters act as a vital waterway for the transport of goods, people and their produce are often the only link between isolated villages and crowded towns. It is also one of the few places in the world where farming is done below sea-level, using a system of dykes. Your cruise in a private kettuvallam (traditional houseboat) allows you to see rural Kerala and the famous backwaters of Allepey possibly one could see lot of water birds, duck farming,Paddy fields,Fishing ,Farming, Toddy Tapping etc.. Lunch cooked on board the houseboat with local fish/catch of the day. Drive back to Cochin.

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